A Persian Wedding is a celebration of love, culture and tradition, where Sofreh Aghd holds a significant cultural and symbolic importance that has been practiced for thousands of years incorporating elements of nature and traditions. This beautiful event features the ceremonial spread, decorated with a variety of symbolic items, which represents blessings and well-wishes for the couple’s new journey and life together while capturing the essence of Persian heritage.

These elements include:

* Mirror (Ayneeh) ~Represents purity, light and bright future for the couple and their hopes for a promising future together

* Candle and Candelabra (Shamdoon) ~Represents the fire, energy, and purity for the newlyweds

* Bread & Wheat (Naan & Ghandom) ~ Represents prosperity and feasts for the future

* Egg (Tokhmeh Morgh) ~ Represents fertility and new beginnings

* Almond, Hazelnut & Walnut (Badaam, Fandogh & Gerdoo) ~ Represent fertility for the couple

* Fruit (Meeveh) ~ Represents a joyous future with seasonal fruits, especially Apple (Seeb), Grape (Angoor) and Pomegranate (Anar)

*Honey (Asal) ~ Represents the blessings and sweetness of their union for a sweet life together

* Gold Coin (Sekkeh Tala) ~ Represents wealth and prosperity for the couple’s life and union

* Book of Choice (Holy Book, Ghoran or Poetry Book, Shahnameh) ~ Represents blessings and prayers for their marriage

* Wild Rue (Esphand) ~ Burning this incense represents warding away all negativity and Evil Eyes as the couple start their new life together

* Sugar Cones (Kaleh Ghand) ~ Spreading the lacey Sugar Cloth (Tooreh Ghand) over the head of Bride & Groom and grinding the Sugar Cones by happily married ladies, Represents passing of the sweetness and blessings of life from one generation to the next

*Rock Candy (Shaakhe Nabaat) ~ Represents the sweetness of Bride & Groom’s love for each other

* Rose Water (Golab) ~ Having Rose Bud fragrance, symbolizes Beauty and Goodness for the new couple

* Thread & Needle (Nakh va Soozan) Represents unity and blending of two families together

* Sweets (Sheerini) ~ Shared with the guests at the end of each ceremony to celebrate the union of the newly weds

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